YouTube is dead, according to many well-known youtuber that does not have digested the new rules introduced by the platform in the past few days, in particular the close on harassment, and have launched the hashtag #YouTubeIsOver to express their anger.

The first rule that is challenged is that which concerns the content of the video: a system based on machine-learning will determine what are or are not suitable for minors, marking them accordingly. The youtuber Felix ‘Pewdiepie’ Kjellberg is literally crazy at the prospect of being the video automatically marked as forbidden or, worse, being sued for its content. Like him, many others have not taken well to the news.

Even the most heated reactions to the regulation, anti-harassment, which is eliminating lots of video in an arbitrary way, especially in those where the youtuber is talking about the other youtuber, but also a simple video of the critical characters and the well-known and powerful, so much so that some already speak of an attempt of censorship of the mass, the more that protection of the harassed.

In many on other social networking sites are suggesting to the youtuber to move on to another platform, but which one? YouTube is now a consolidated reality and it will not be easy to move his audience from another part. Of course, now the resentment towards YouTube is very high. We’ll see what happens (probably nothing).